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Lafayette Hilltop Chiropractic | Our Staff & Massage Therapists

Kortney | Office Manager

Hello my name is Kortney, and I am the Office Manager at Lafayette Hilltop Chiropractic Center. From 2011 to now, I have seen firsthand the love the patients have for Dr. Negri and the staff. It is a great feeling working in an office where I can confidently recommend a great Chiropractic experience to my family and friends.

Chiropractic care has not only had a positive effect on myself but my 5 year old daughter as well. At an early age she suffered with chronic ear infections. I decided to start chiropractic care with my child around the age of 1 and I am extremely grateful I made this choice. It has helped my daughter with her chronic ear infections as well as her overall health. I have seen many children come through the door with the very same issue.

Libby | Front Desk / Insurance Specialist

Hello, My name is Libby. I have been working as an Insurance Specialist and Front Desk Receptionist at Lafayette Hilltop Chiropractic Center since June 2015.

It is so nice to actually enjoy coming to work every day. Dr. Negri and the staff are all wonderful to work with. When I am not at the office I am a wife and mother to seven amazing children.
It can be extremely busy at times but I wouldn't have it any other way. Working at Lafayette Hilltop Chiropractic also affords me the time and opportunity to get my regular adjustments at work. I look forward to seeing you at the office soon.

Elaine Massage Therapist

Elaine | Licensed Massage Therapist

Hello, my name is Elaine. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, and a 2012 Graduate from the Institute for Therapeutic Massage. I have been working for Dr. Negri for 5 years now. I enjoy helping people feel better through massage therapy. I am a firm believer in the therapeutic benefits of Essential Oils and like to incorporate them into my massages.

When i am not working i am with my Olde English Bulldog Earl and I enjoy taking him everywhere with me. I also enjoy reading books by my favorite Author Charlaine Harris.


Jess | Licensed Massage Therapist

Hey there, my name is Jess or Jessie, but never Jessica. Like I tell my patients I feel like I'm in trouble when called by my full first name. I have been a licensed massage therapist with Dr. Negri for over 7 years, and massaging for over 10 years. I absolutely enjoy whatI do, and am delighted to help others in a therapeutic way.

When I am not working you can usually find me at home taking care of my family and fur children, kayaking on my lake, eating lots of junk food, or watching shark week.

Photo: My dogs Dexter Morgan (left) and Nugs (right)


Rose | Licensed Massage Therapist

Hi I am Rose and reside in Sussex County. I have 2 beautiful children one that recently went off to college. The girls I work with here at Lafayette Hilltop Chiropractic have helped me get through my "empty nest syndrome".

I have been doing massage for many years and about one year ago had the privilege of meeting Dr Negri. I interviewed and here I am working at Lafayette Hilltop Chiropractic helping people get better. I have been told I have a gift when it comes to massage and helping people with many different conditions Come visit and I will be happy to help.


Kymberly | Licensed Massage Therapist

Hi! I am Kymberly - a mom to an active 4-year-old daughter with a son on the way. I am a recent graduate of the Institute of Therapeutic Massage School. I love being able to help people and find this particular career so rewarding. I am in awe of the ladies I work with - you won't find better care!